Powerful Monitoring Solutions - Nagios

Nagios, now known as Nagios Core, is a free and open-source computer-software application that monitors systems, networks and infrastructure. Nagios offers monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, applications and services. It's a centralized enterprise server, application, and network monitoring software. Powered by the Nagios Core 4 engine, users gain insight into server performance, network protocols, applications, and services. Nagios XI supports hundreds of third-party add-ons to allow the software to monitor common business applications. The platform has a customizable GUI so users can create the best layout and design for their IT team's needs.

Nagios monitors the network for problems caused by overloaded and/or crashed servers, network connections or other devices. Easily able to monitor availability, uptime and response time of every node on the network, Nagios can deliver the results in a variety of visual representations and reports.

Provides monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure. Hundreds of third-party add-ons provide for monitoring of virtually all in-house applications, services, and systems.

Powerful Monitoring Solutions - Nagios

A powerful GUI provides for customization of layout, design, and preferences on a per-user basis, giving your customers and team members the flexibility they want.

  • Increased server, services, process, and application availability.
  • Fast detection of network and server outages and protocol failures.
  • Fast detection of failed servers, services, processes and batch jobs.
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